Österlen Surf September 23rd

LESS welcomes you to our collaboration of surf lessons with Österlen Surfcenter!

Have you never surfed before but always felt the urge to take your first wave? Maybe you tried surfing in Bali on your backpacking trip? Got hooked while on our trip to Portugal?

Beautiful hang in the line up is perhaps the best medicine for study anxiety. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or if you have surfed before. Take a break, join in and dance in the waves!


Friday 23/9 14:00-16:00 (6 spots)


Arranged depending on the best waves! Måns will contact you before the lesson.


LESS & Österlen Surfcenter are not responsible of the transport. We will create a group chat for those of you who get a spot, for you to arrange transport together.


350 SEK including board, instructor and wetsuit. Pay with card or swish the same day, at Österlen.

Want to learn more about Österlen Surfcenter? 
Check out their website —> https://www.osterlen-surfcenter.se/
* You need to be a member of Lunds Extremsportarsällskap and the facebookgroup LESS Members to join the event. You can become a member here: http://lundsextremsport.se/membership/
**Please note that the sign up and payment is binding, and no refunds will be made due to for example sickness. If so, you can contact LESS at info@lundsextremsport.se and we will try to help you find a reserve that wants to buy your spot, or you can try selling your spot to another LESS member in the LESS members group and contact us.
*** Insurance: Please note that all activities will be done at your own risk. LESS will not be liable for any injuries. __________________________________________________________
Lunds Extremspormtarsällskap är en erkänd förening under Akademiska föreningen (AF)

City: Österlen

When: Fre 14.00-16.00

Start: 2022-09-23 (8 dagar sedan)

Organizer: LESS

Membership: Required

10 anmälda till 6 platser