LESS Backyard-Ultra

We in the Outdoor committee are very excited to invite those of you who want a real challenge to join the third ever LESS Ultramarathon!

On the 11th of December LESS will host a Backyard Ultramarathon. The goal is to run as many laps as possible on a 6.706 kilometer course. The runners start a new lap every hour. The last man standing is the winner. The start of the first lap will be at 9 am. 

Compete for the title or join us for a single lap in the afternoon to provide some mental aid to the tired runners.

There is no fee to run with us on the 11th so feel free to come and go as you want but you still have to sign up. The sign up is open until 11/12!

More information will be posted before it's time to run!

Planned occasions
1. v.49 Sön 11/12 09:00 - 18:00 (9t)

City: Lund

Where: Lunds stadspark

When: Sön 09.00-18.00

Start: 2022-12-11 (296 dagar sedan)

Instructors: Johan Gustavsson, Maria Manuel Pacheco, Johan Henningsson

Organizer: LESS

Membership: Required