Try Dive December 6th

Have you ever wanted to try scuba diving, but never gotten the chance to do it? Or have you been debating on whether it is for you or not? NOW it’s your time to try!!

LESS, together with H2O Diving Lund, are arranging a try dive session at Högevallsbadet for people that have never been diving before and want to try it out! Together with an instructor you will take your first breath underwater and be able to experience the feeling of weightlessness under the surface!

On the 6th of December, at 13.30, you will meet up at Högevallsbadet to first off have a thorough briefing on land before you get ready to jump in the pool. All equipment will be borrowed from H2O Diving Lund, and therefore the only things you need to bring is a towel and a bathing suit.

To participate in this event you must be completely healthy, and you need to fill in a health declaration beforehand. If you answer yes on any question, you need to get a medical approval to show that you are fit to dive.

Here are the links to the declarations:

WHEN: December 6th, 13.30-16.00 
WHERE: Högevallsbadet, Lund (Högevallsgatan 3, Lund)
PRICE: 200 SEK which includes entrance and borrowing equipment
* You need to be a member of Lunds Extremsportarsällskap and the facebook group LESS Members to join the event. You can become a member here:
**Please note that the sign up and payment is binding, and no refunds will be made due to for example sickness. If so, please send LESS a message on Facebook or email us at, and we will try to help you find a reserve that wants to buy your spot.
*** Insurance: Please note that all activities will be done at your own risk. LESS will not be liable for any injuries. _____________________________________________________
Lunds Extremspormtarsällskap är en erkänd förening under Akademiska föreningen (AF)

Planned occasions
1. v.49 Tis 6/12 13:30 - 16:00 (2t, 30m)

City: Lund

Where: Högevallsbadet Lund

When: Tis 13.30-16.00

Start: 2022-12-06 (301 dagar sedan)

Instructors: Sofia Johansson

Price: 250 kr

Organizer: LESS

Membership: Required