Climbing at MKK


Let’s kick off this year’s climbing season with some rope climbs at MKK im Malmö!

Maybe you just got you red or green card and want to practice your new skills, or maybe you just want to come try rope climbing for the first time? On Sunday the 19th of march we head to MKK for an evening of climbing, with plenty of routes available at all levels on both top rope and lead climbing (note that you need to have a red card to lead climb, no card necessary to climb on top rope). We will have belayers with both green and red cards so don’t worry if your regular belay partner can’t make it - we’ve got you!

After the climbing we’ll go for some after-climb beers!


WHEN: March 19th, 17:00-20:00 at MKK, after-climb beers and hangout until later!

WHERE: Malmö Klätterklubb (Stadion Klätterhall, Eric Perssons väg 1E, Malmö).

PRICE: 125 SEK which includes entrance and borrowing equipment such as shoes and harness for those who don’t have their own.

Planned occasions
1. v.11 Sön 19/3 17:00 - 20:00 (3t)

City: Malmös Klätterklubb

Where: Malmös Klätterklubb

When: Sön 17.00-20.00

Start: 2023-03-19 (198 dagar sedan)

Instructors: Johannes Viskanic, Tom Weimar, Ylva Kjellberg, Carl Pontén, Siri Bengtsson, Carl William Engström

Price: 125 kr

Organizer: LESS

Membership: Required