Beginner skate sessions!

Beginner skate sessions is back!

Have you always wanted to try out skateboarding but never gotten around to do it?
This is your chance!
The LESS skating committee is arranging beginner skate sessions with coaches on spot to help you go from never standing on a board to full control!

Come join and learn how to skate with us!There will be skateboards, helmets and safety equipment that you can borrow for free at the park but if you have your own board you can happily bring it along, otherwise just come as you are!
This event is for beginners, so if you're more experienced you are welcome to join our Sunday skate sessions and our other skating events but this is purely for beginners!

There will be 22 spots available and 3 sessions!

When: the 17, 22 and 25th of May
Time: 17:00-19:30
Where: Stadsparken Skatepark.

Come and try your dream of skating!


Söderlyckan Skateboardpark, Sandgatan 2, 22350 Lund

City: Lund

Where: Skateparken i stadsparken

When: Ons 17.00-19.30

Start: 2023-05-17 (17 dagar sedan)

Occasions: 3

Organizer: LESS

Membership: Required