LESS goes biking in Denmark

Join the Outdoor committee for a biking adventure in Denmark!

The time has come for a LESS biking adventure along the most eastern coast of Denmark. The 7th of October we will bring our bikes to Helsingør and cycle down south along the coastline to Copenhagen. After arriving in Copenhagen, those who are interested can join us for sightseeing, food and bar hopping adventure around the city. The bike ride will be approximately 45 km long, we will keep a leisurely pace. Along the way we will stop for lunch, fika and perhaps if the weather allows a swim. Bring whatever bike you have, make sure the bike is functional and will make it through the whole path to Copenhagen.

We will take the train from Lund Central at 10:37 to Helsingborg. Depending on how many we are, we will split up between different trains to make sure all the bikes are allowed on. From Helsingborg we will take the ferry to Helsingør. Best alternative to get back to Lund in the evening is with the train from Copenhagen. Please contact us if you have any questions!

WHERE? Helsingør - Copenhagen

DATE: October 7th 2023

TIME: Meet up at Lund Central at 10:15

PRICE: FREE (Ferry and train tickets not included)

BRING: A functional bike, lunch and fika. (Also a swimsuit if that interests you).

We hope to see you there for an exciting day of biking and socializing!


* You need to be a member of Lunds Extremsportarsällskap and the facebookgroup LESS Members to join the event. You can become a member here: http://lundsextremsport.se/membership/

** Insurance: Please note that all activities will be done at your own risk. LESS will not be liable for any injuries


City: Helsingør

When: Lör 10.15

Start: 2023-10-07 (om 3 dagar)

Organizer: LESS

Membership: Required

Direct registration until sat. 7/10 11:59