Death/Swim Jumping 2

Death jumping with LESS and Poseidon!

Once again LESS will do death jumping! Are you a daredevil who loves to throw themself out from 10 meters up? Or have you never dared to jump from more than five meters? Now you who want try swim jumping/death jumping can do so in this event with LESS, in collaboration with Lunds swim jumping school Poseidon.
During this practice you will get:
Personal coaching with two of Poseidon's incredible instructors, who will be ready to guide you and help you perfect your techniques.
Try landings that are softened by a bubble-machine, which decreases the surface tension of the water - perfect for trying new tricks and landing some nice belly flops!
Questions? Write to the organizer Felix at, 0723009114
WHEN: 2024-05-22
WHERE: Högevallsbadet, 20:15 - 21:30
TICKETS: 22 april at: 12:00 (limited to 10 participants)
LEVEL: No previous experience needed

* You need to be a member of Lunds Extremsportarsällskap and the facebook group LESS Members to join the event. You can become a member here:
**Please note that the sign up and payment is binding, and no refunds will be made due to for example sickness. If so, please send LESS a message on Facebook or email us at, and we will try to help you find a reserve that wants to buy your spot.
*** Insurance: Please note that all activities will be done at your own risk. LESS will not be liable for any injuries.
Lunds Extremsportarsällskap är en förening ansluten till Akademiska föreningen (AF)

City: Lund

Where: Högevallsbadet Lund

When: Ons 20.15-21.30

Start: 2024-05-22 (8 dagar sedan)

Price: 220 kr

Organizer: LESS

Membership: Required

LESS 802458-8637

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